reversion, 2016, pigment print on alu dibond, mirror, each 160x120cm











untitled (voyage) 2015, collage on mirror, 40x30cm  



distance, 2015, found wooden canes, dimensions variable 














audience, 2015, b/w print, wooden rods, acrylic paint, dimension variable

corner window gallery, auckland












audience (detail), 2015, b/w print, wooden rods, acrylic paint, dimension variable














intervall, 2015, mixed media, dimension variable













crucifixion (36 Watt), 2014, trenchcoat and fluorescent tube, 80x120cm

















 exhibition view 2015, entreakt, städtisches museum engen
















 entreakt (detail) 2014, black and white print, balancing chairs, dimension variable


















attacke und pose, 2015, graphit on paper, 65x50cm    

the coat, 2015, graphit on paper, 65x50cm
















 exhibition view, intervall, graphit on paper, each 65x50cm, städtisches museum, engen
















 schwarze tränen, 2012, mixed media, dimension variable







the process of displacement, 2014, balancing chair and photo














education, 2013, sewing thread on photo, 22x16xm













 exhibition view at 401contemporary berlin, 2014, mixed media, dimensions variable














 analogie, 2014, indian ink on magazine cut-out, 2 parts: 15x12cm and 28x22cm














untitled, 2014, sewing thread on photo, 27x21cm 














 hypnose, 2014, acrylic paint on newspaper cut-out,13x18cm














 control, 2014, collage, 27x23cm












untitled, 2014,burnt collage, 11x8cm 













fountain, 2014, oilcolor on canvas, 100x80cm














rita, 2012, graphite on paper, 65x50cm 













untitled, 2013, oil paint on drawing, 31x25cm














 untitled, 2012, acrylic paint on album cover, 21x26cm